Fundraising Group

Our name says it all! We are responsible (although many would debate that point) for organising the social events in our church year. Whether that is a Prayer Breakfast; a summer BBQ; a Soup and Pudding lunch or some other delightful get together for our congregation and friends.

Finding funds for specific needs within the church is also part of our remit and we organise various events to meet this need. We are lucky enough to possess the only Charles Rennie Mackintosh murals on the East Coast of Scotland so we hold regular “Open Days” during the summer months and try to incorporate some element of fund raising into them.

While most of our work benefits our church we never forget the wider community. We have various events throughout the year to raise funds for local and national charities; Christian Aid; MacMillan Cancer Care and any other cause we hope we can help by “doing our bit”.

Throughout all our work, whether for ourselves or the wider community, we strive to share fun and fellowship and it has been said there is often too much laughter amongst our group but we do get the job done.

Posted on: Fri 24th Nov, 2017

Dysart St Clair Church

West Port

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