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Viewforth Church was formed from a union between Gallatown and Sinclairtown Churches in 1977, worshipping in Sinclairtown Church which was built in 1878. In 1994 the Church was linked with Thornton Parish Church and this was successful until Presbytery dissolved the link to form the new union with Dysart Kirk.

The traditional stone building dates back to 1878. The Sanctuary, in the shape of a cross, has a small gallery and two side aisles named after a previous union in 1977.

Seating in the main is in the form of traditional fixed pews. The Session Room and Vestry along with disabled access are at the rear of the building.

The detached hall on ground to the rear of the Viewforth Church Building was constructed in the late 1930s. Alterations and extensions over several years have provided a larger kitchen, additional storage, accessible toilet and a level access point.

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